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William Red Horse Haury is running

2020 Native American Presidential Candidate


If you want to change what's going on in Washington, you need to change WHO you're sending there....

About Us


We are not politicians, we are the original and legal citizens of the United States of America. We ask for no money to support our candidacy, so we can not be bought. We do not solicit the media, so they can not libel or slander us. We have nothing to hide in our past, everything honorable in our character, a great love for this our Native land, and a vision for its' future.

What We want to Accomplish

About us:

"We don't need liars, cheaters, politicians or "business-men" as leaders of our country. Instead, we need educated American Indians savvy to both the plight of the underdog and the intricacies of international diplomacy. After all, the first peoples of this beautiful Nation have survived all of it and remain united, strong and honorable. Mr. William (Red Horse) Haury is a long standing Air Force Veteran well-versed in both homeland and over-seas engagements; political, economic and humanitarian in nature. I am Dr. Kristina D (Night Bird) McDaniel, PhD, RASi, a highly regarded Professor Emeritus of Anthropology with over two decades of experience in  both K-12 and higher education endeavors, cultural ideological issues, world and domestic affairs past and present as well as a well-developed understanding of diplomacy stemming from interaction with NAGPRA, extensive cultural/political interaction in Africa, the UK, France, Switzerland, Russia and the US Government. As President and Vice President, we will redefine the meaning of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for all legal citizens of this great Nation."

Our "Wish List"


As American Indians, we think differently from mainstream politicians in what is now the United States of America. Instead, we have a "wish list"  as we run for the Presidency of the United States of America. This "wish list" includes the rights, wants and needs from both our perspective and that of others who now inhabit our lands. We are all brothers and sisters.

1. As is the case with many incarcerated individuals, Mr. Leonard Peltier is a prisoner of war constructed by the federal government in an effort to subjugate American Indians. Mr. Peltier deserves to be "pardoned" and sent home to his people. At the very least, Mr. Peltier deserves the very basic of humanitarian considerations, specifically medical treatment and the respect afforded as the constitution of the United States of America demands.

2. American Indian Environmental concerns: Who better to be the custodians of Mother Earth than the Aboriginal Population? 

a. Return Oak Flats to the Apache. Return Wounded Knee to the Lakota. Return the reserve in Oregon to the Paiute. Any and all other sacred sites need to be returned to the respective Tribes.

     b. All Federal Reservations, currently held in trust, will be turned over to the Tribe residing on said Reservation. All American Indian Nations must be addressed as a Sovereign Nation within the United States, including Nation-to-Nation status.

        c. Review completely the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Health Service. 

d. Take as many state recognized Reservations and give them Federal status and turn their Reservation over to them. There would also be a potential of gaining more land for any of the Tribes, if available and affordable.

     e. Upgrade our infrastructure. There are too many roads and bridges that are in serious disrepair, and some are downright dangerous. Repair of replace as warranted. Also, included would be drainage, water and sewer lines, etc. Get this country back to work!

     f. Clean and drinkable water is a priority. Cleaner forms of energy, renewable energy such as solar, wind and water power. Start replacing coal fired power plants with nuclear plants.

    g. Secure our food supply. No one in this country should go hungry. Eliminate GMO's. Reduce sharply the use of pesticides. Increase land for food production. If you can control a country's food supply - you gain control of the country. Ask any American Indian,...

3. Political process:

     a. Term limits for all Federal positions; The President is limited to two terms. All of Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, etc., will have the same two term limit. No lifetime paycheck. Any and all political gains resulting from subsequent activities will be donated to survival relief efforts. 

    b. Legislation passed includes every citizen, including all political representatives.

     c. Line Item Veto for the President of the United States.

     d. Balanced Federal Budget each and every year.

     e. Any proposed bill in either the House of Representatives or the Senate must be written in a clear and concise manner, a manner in which the average citizen can understand, no "legalese" and must be 13 pages or less. Each item of the Federal Budget can be passed separately and then incorporated into the budget - but there will be NO rider bills attached to anything. Each item must stand on its' own merit.

4. Military: Our Veterans deserve not only the best of medical care but also our respect and undying appreciation. To that end, we are committed to all things for the betterment of our military, veterans, wounded warriors, and all those who support the hero's of America.

5. Entitlement

   a. Illegals, Undocumented Peoples,... YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING. Get legal or go home. You kids whose parents brought you illegally over our borders,...blame your parents for your problem now, not the US Government. Take your families and friends and go home. That's your home,... why don't you love it?

6. Emergencies; We are committed first and foremost to funding natural disasters. We may consider taking National funds from any and all political considerations towards the assistance and relief for humanitarian benefits! As a collective party, William (Red Horse) Haury and Kristina D (Night Bird) McDaniel, PhD, RASi  call upon all supporters to demand from political constituents currently in power to forward any and all contributions to their campaign to the relief of those who suffer most! 

7. Reduce the Federal Debt. Currently, this country is $20 Trillion in debt. This needs to be eliminated, and this country become solvent once again….

8. Replace Obama Care. I am thinking something along the lines of Medicare as to it’s structure.  It would become a payroll deduction just like Medicare and Social Security already is. The public would then be allowed to purchase supplemental plans from providers to add to their basic coverage according their needs. The bottom line is that everyone will have basic coverage….

And while we’re at it - overhaul Medicare to be more people friendly….

9. Mandatory Military Service for everyone. The provisions of the “Draft” are still there. Make it mandatory to serve, either active duty or reserve capacity, if physically able….

10. Work Fare - not welfare. Work for a check. If you don’t work, no check. The person must report every day to an unemployment center ready, willing, and able to work. Refusal - no check. Mandatory drug testing for those people as well, and random after that….

11. Severely reduce aid to foreign countries. Put our money to use right here.  Many are getting our money and aid, and openly mock us. Let them hate us for free….

12. Increase the size and capabilities of our Military. The draft will help with this. The troops need the equipment and training to ensure our safety. Also - we are not the world’s policemen. They need to settle their own problems. If and when we do commit our country to fight - it’s an all out win situation. Military Commanders should best know how, when and where to handle their troops. Not the politicians. The expression - “in for a penny, in for a pound”. Go all the way - or don’t go at all….

13. Education: The testing of our children, the way it is, is definitely not working. They are being educated to the testing criteria, not learning what they should know. I am not exactly sure how we could achieve a free college system, but Military service, as it is now with the G.I Bill and contributions while serving would go towards achieving some of that goal. Here in Florida, they have a college savings account where parents can put funds away for their children to help attain a college education. I feel that it should also include technical training as well, because not everyone is going to go to college, but take  up a trade or other vocation….

14. Eliminate the income tax. Replace it with something like a spending tax. The more people earn, the more they spend. The less they earn, the more modestly they spend. The one major exception would be for food and anything to do with the growing or production of food. The average expense for a modest family vehicle is much less than a Mercedes or Rolls Royce. Those that want these and other things, like yachts, airplanes, etc., will spend on them and consequently spend more - thus paying more tax. The personal income tax would be eliminated, and possibly the Internal Revenue Service, if not greatly reduced in their size and scope of functions as an agency. We will need to look into what can be done on the business side of things….

15. Reduce the National Debt: A certain percentage, say 10% of the Federal Budget, should go specifically towards eliminating this debt. If this can be done, we could eliminate the debt in 10 years. I am also thinking of a 1 1/0th penny tax on a gallon of fuel to be used specifically towards eliminating the debt. I would look for a 20-year life on this type of tax as, once the debt is paid off, this money can be held and used for whatever national needs that might have to be addressed….

16. Social Security is a hands off and separate account of and for the American people. Congress will no longer be able to take from these funds. They will also need to replace a few billion dollars as well to make this account solvent again. Their use of this fund as an additional spending account will cease - total hands off. This country needs to learn to live within their financial means. This Nation’s checkbook must be balanced each and every year….

17. We need to commit some funds for emergencies. Funding for aircraft, etc., to fight forest fires. Funding for getting hard hit areas suffering natural disasters back up and contributing and living again, returning them to a normal life like what it was prior to the disaster….

We’ll need the ability to tackle other problems as needed....  

Current Issues



Well, Congress passed a budget to keep the Nation running for ??

The news reported that it was $30B+ more than President Trump wanted and he's not happy....

Also, only $1.4B for the border security....

President  Trump has issued a National Emergency so he can take $$ from various  departments for this current year. Undoubtedly, the Military will take a  hit on this....

The  money taken from 'El Chapo" is reportedly $14B+ and is just sitting  there. Why doesn't the President take this money and secure our southern  border? He could have the barrier plus electronic sensors, survellence  cameras, and more. He might even be able to hire more Border Patrol  agents....


The government shutdown,... what a tragic waste of valuable time, money, resources, and political dignity. This is the quintessential example of the adolescent discontent between the Republicans and Democrats on Capital Hill. As Presidential running Independents in 2020, William (Red Horse) Haury and Kristina (Night Bird) McDaniel are committed to eradicating that political chasm by bringing alternative ideology and compromise to the political arena.

Clearly, at the heart of the debate is illegal immigration and how to humanely protect our borders and at the same time prosecute and deport illegals already in our country. As we explore alternative solutions, we will keep you appraised. Please know that we are resolved to politically, socially, culturally and spiritually uniting this great Nation to the benefit of all Her citizens.


If you want to change what's going on in Washington, you need to change WHO you're sending there....

We, as legal American citizens, have the unique opportunity to reshape Congress for the foreseeable future. Congress at present is inefficient, gridlocked on almost every issue and struggles within itself for power and personal gain. It has disregarded us as American citizens in favor of self-enrichment....

Of the 535 members of Congress, at least 30 have either decided to retire or not run again. Nearly 400 of them are scheduled for re-election this fall. We can send the strongest message by voting the incumbents out of office and sending new people to Washington, regardless of political affiliation. If you continue to vote in the incumbents, nothing changes.

 Please consider candidates who are not necessarily of republican/democratic affiliation but are independents, peoples of vision outside partisanship and more concerned with every individual in this great country. They do not have the finances the

 "big two" have, but we know that with your support, they can be your voice if you elect them. Whatever happens in the mid-term election sets the standard for us when we go to the polls in 2020 and win for our Country! Let's vote and take our Country back!

 If you want to change what's going on in Washington, you need to change WHO you're sending there. New blood means new change. Let's get it done America!

"Mr. Trump is NOT winning his up-hill battle with the press because he has both a morally and ethically questionable past from which he can not escape. It is a sad truth that the media these days is capable of broadcasting every account of misinformation, lies, smut and plain non-journalism to the exclusion of pertinent political issues. Inevitably, they will have to answer for that professionally, but for now they are catering to sensationalism and the almighty dollar, particularly at Mr. Trump's expense.

Here we are, an up and coming alternative for the Presidency of the United States in 2020: Mr. William (Red Horse) Haury and Dr. Kristina (Night Bird) McDaniel, President and Vice Presidential candidates. After actively campaigning solely on Facebook and word of mouth for just nine months before the November elections in 2016 with NO monetary solicitation, we received over 1.26 million write-in votes. We believe this unprecedented initial popularity is a result of our uniquely inclusive non-partisan platform/wish list, our collective experiences as decades long US Veteran/Corrections Officer and highly regarded/accomplished Professor of Anthropology, and our history of and unwavering commitment to moral, ethical and financial transparency.

Now, we are working toward an election in 2020 and would appreciate your consideration. What sets us apart from all other candidates is that we are not conventional politicians,... we have NO skeletons in any closets, we have a universally progressive approach to all living beings on this planet, we are American Indians and we hold true that all legal peoples of our Nation deserve representation, equality, and acceptance under the law. As "common sense" candidates, we will work diligently to represent and defend the United States of America in the best light to all Nations of Mother Earth."


September 13, 2017

Categories: Civil Rights/Voting Rights

Yesterday, the Pence-Kobach sham election commission met for the second time at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. Their agenda makes clear that this Commission has no intention of studying the real problem in American elections today: voter suppression. In response to the sham commission, and to gather a real record of voter experiences in advance of suppressive legislation this sham commission is sure to propose, the Native American Rights Fund, along with partners from the Native American Voting Rights Coalition, held its first in a series of field hearings to document the voter suppression efforts already underway in Native Communities across the country.   from: https://www.narf.org/hearing-documents-voter-suppression/ 

As American Indian candidates, this presents a major problem for us. Night Bird and I believe that with our platform (foreign and domestic) and our steadfast commitment to ALL legal Americans, we can get the votes we need to win in 2020 were it not for this voter suppression or voter tampering. We need ALL American Indians (without distinction of blood quanta) to vote for us AS IS THEIR RIGHT as legal citizens of this country.

We call on all Tribes to educate their members about their rights regarding the voting process. Everyone needs to know that they can register to vote, then do so via mail/absentee ballot or establish and identify voting precincts on the Reservations. Communication is paramount, as it is in all worthy endeavors.  As a Peoples, we must empower each other, respectfully stand up and make our voices heard. Night Bird and I encourage you to help us do just that. This is the first step in a long process, but with an American Indian President and VP, we can collectively begin to heal this Nation."


From the freethoughtproject.com, 5/11/2017

"In just the past year [5/1/2016-5/1/2017], the North Dakota Department of Health recorded 745 oil spills - as analyzed by KCET environment editor Chris Clark - a figure tragically substantiating fears of water protectors for the future of the state's water supply. For perspective, for the number of pipeline incidents for the year ending May 1, 2017, North Dakota's oil infrastructure experienced an average of one spill every 11 hours and 45 minutes - that's one leak, contaminating the planet, two times per day, every day, over the last 12 months.'

"And we're not talking small leaks here. One event on the 18 May 2016 saw 400 barrels of oil (16,800 gallons) leak out in Bowman County, spreading more than 100 [meters] outside the refinery gates and into the surrounding environment. That same event saw an additional 2,500 barrels (one million gallons) of brine leak outside the facility."

"But here's the thing - if those figures sound alarming, they're nothing compared to the more recent oil spill that occurred in Billings County, just 2.5 hours away from where the Standing Rock protest took place."


Our thoughts and prayers, sympathy and empathy go out to our  brothers and sisters in Texas and now Louisiana, Florida and Puerto Rico 

as they struggle. Please feel that all  that is good and kind in humanity is with you. As you experience  tragedy, loss, indignation, hope, and faith,...be empowered in the  knowledge that you are never alone. 

So much suffering, so much more humanitarianism. We will prevail because we are together with love.

Red Horse, Night Bird and the Admin Team

Why We ARE Running


"Night Bird and I began our Presidential campaign last year in February, 2016. Our only social media entry was our Facebook Group. On election day in November, 2016, there were about 1000 supporters who had joined our Group page. When all the votes were finally tallied, we had received over 1.26 million write-in votes!

We spoke several times after the elections and decided we would wait and see how and what Mr. Trump did after he was sworn in. We were going to give him approximately six months before making any decisions about running again in 2020. His executive decisions to go ahead with the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines along with his blatant disregard for the Original Peoples of this land in general, however, were far too disturbing for us to ignore, and we announced our Candidacy for 2020 post haste.

We now have this website up and running in hopes of providing both more exposure and information regarding our overall views, foreign and domestic. As you can see from reading above, we have our "Wish List" in place so you know what we would like to accomplish when we are in office. As things develop over the next nearly three years, we will address additional issues as they arise.

We have gained substantial positive feedback over the past year or so as the word gets out and more of you join to lend your support and your vote. For that, we are tremendously grateful! This is a grass roots campaign. We ask for NO money. All we ask is some of your time to spread the word about us and for your write-in vote come election day. As a write-in candidate, our votes count in all fifty States and territories. Additionally, it is important to emphasize that ALL American Indians are legal citizens with the inalienable right to both vote and be provided assistance in the voting process.

In November, 2016, less than 45% of all eligible voters cast their vote. It took millions of dollars spent to get these votes, and the winner had 60+ million votes. Even as write-in candidates, we can determine that we will need more than 65 million votes to secure the election in 2020. This is a lofty goal, but it can be done. The more people you can talk to about us and have them join and show their support and cast their vote for us, the better our chances. As always, joining the Group is free, we encourage your input, and we look forward to any positive dialogue you may wish to have with us."

Vote for US in 2020 !!

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Please count me in as one of your supporters for the 2020 Campaign! Please let me know how I can donate to your campaign and what I can do to raise awareness for you. I would also like to receive a window sign showing your candidacy as well as a bumper sticker to place onto my car. Ke'aloha Crytser 1131 N 18th St Apt 202 Omaha, NE 68102-4114 The conflict that arose during 3 different marches in Washington, DC, gave me inspiration to find a Native American Presidential Candidate, when I located y


This endorsement was written by the Staff at the Putnam County Courier Journal in August, 2016. Along with the endorsement was a half page interview....

As we approach the upcoming election for President of the United States of America, it's time we thought of what's really important to our Nation….

So far, we've endured several years of hardship, under the misguidance of the previous Administration….

Health Care is at it's all time worst. Our nation is fragmented, shattered beyond anything we've ever experienced….

Our Constitution is being destroyed. Our people are being lied to on every issue….

Hatred and disrespect are rampant in our country. Our Veterans, Elderly, Poor, and middle class are suffering terribly.

It's high time we get back to "Grass Roots" here. It doesn't get any more "Grass Roots" than to have an "American Indian" in the running for the leadership of our country....

A man who is strong enough to guide us back to the way this country should be….

That man is, William ( Red Horse ) Haury. An American Indian, of Eastern Cherokee and Northern Arapaho ancestry….

A man who believes in our Country, our way of life, our Constitution, and wants to see things change for the better for all….

That's the "bottom line" of what this is all about here. We'd all like to see our country improve for all of us….

William (Red Horse ) Haury could be just the man who can help us do just that. All of us here are in support of him and his campaign to become the first American Indian President of the U.S.A!

Who better to lead our great Nation than a man who wants the best for all of us?

It's not about who has the most money. It’s not about who has the best backing for their campaign. It's about who truly wants the best for us….

That's what counts. What's best for us, as a Nation….

This is why William ( Red Horse ) Haury would be the best person for the job of President of the U.S.A.!